Listen: Time New Roman “Passion”

November 7, 2013 No comments yet

Times New Roman, a singer-songwriter from Detroit, MI currently attending Boston College would like to introduce you to his smooth dreamscape on his four track demo Satisfaction. The single, “Passion”  is lush and expansive—fluid guitar chords, shiny brass, and lucid lyrics lover’s lane lyrics. Satisfaction is a marriage of hip-hip, soul and pop, which blend quite well. […]

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The Hip-Hop Cultural Tourist Examination

October 31, 2013 2 comments

tourist Syllabification: (tour·ist) Pronunciation: /ˈto͝orist/ noun 1a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure:the pyramids have drawn tourists to Egypt 2short for tourist class Courtesy of the Oxford English Dictionary. Yes, the King’s English all up in this bitch.     INTRODUCTORY ESSAY  Cultural tourism in hip-hop—it’s a touchy subject. Before we delve into […]

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Listen: JT – “Selfish”

October 23, 2013 No comments yet

JT is another member of the North Texas based hip-hop collective Brain Gang that’s been mentioned here from time to time. “Selfish,” finds JT channeling Drake on the beat from the recently released Justin Bieber track, “All That Matters.” His flow is subdued and mellow and there’s some sing-rapping along the way. JT’s take on little […]

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Download: “NWTS/CS” – This “Nothing Was The Same” Chopped And Screwed Tape Is Absolutely Amazing

October 7, 2013 No comments yet

  A crew of DJs affiliated with crews called Franchise and Nostalgia Label (Sir CRKS, Jay Smith, OG Steve, Brandeauxx) banded together to give you, me, us, we, the world—a pristine chopped and screwed mixtape. It takes the tracks from Nothing Was The Same and does the normal stutter stepping and pitch dropping that’s inherent with […]

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Video: Shane Chubbz “Holiday/Where I’m From” (feat. DAP and Stan) Dir: Jon J of MMG

October 2, 2013 1 comment

The UK  isn’t a hub for interesting rap—or am I just ignorant here? No it’s not, but 18 year old rapper Shane Chubbz is an exception to that thinly researched rule. “Holiday/Where I’m From” is one of those two-for-one tracks. “Holiday” is a smooth pina-colada summer tinged track with bright organ and piano licks that […]

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