What’s Beef?: ASAP Rocky vs Spaceghostpurrp

June 22, 2012 15 comments

First the Fat Boys break up…now this. Yesterday, bubbling Miami rapper, Spaceghostpurrp, released a video announcing that he and his Klvn of Rvidxr’s no longer have any affiliation with Rocky and the A$AP Mob. Apparently there was a situation involving fisticuffs between members of the two rising camps, which seems to be one of the main reasons, among others, for the rift.

“The pressure for success can put a good strain, on a friend you ‘best’ and yes it could bring / out the worst in every person, even the good and sane.” -Jay-Z (Black Republican)

Of course Rocky & co. caught wind of Purrp’s comments and responded swiftly via, what else—Twitter. Don’t you just love digital beef? I’m sure this makes Tupac and Christopher extremely proud.

Check out what members from both sides had to say about the situation below. Hopefully Rocky and Purrp can squash this and get back to making some trill ass music before it escalates into something bigger.

UPDATE: Apparently, some folks are saying that Robb Bank$ tweeted some stuff about how he was going to kill Rocky… Shit. This may be bigger than simple digital thuggery and posturing.