ASAP Rocky Speaks on Issues With Odd Future. Is He Copying Their Style?

October 27, 2011 4 comments

“Niggas don’t tell us we’re the east coast Odd Future…’cause we’re not.” -ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky recently sat down with the good folks over at and cleared the air on the whole Odd Future situation. Last month, OF member Hodgy took to Twitter and threw what seemed like a shot at ASAP Rocky and his crew by tweeting “ASAP Copy.”

Fellow OF and MellowHype member Left Brain also took issue with Rocky, claiming he nibbled on Odd Future’s style when he wore a Cheetah-print Supreme towel around his neck in his video for “Peso.” Yeah, that might be the dumbest thing I ever heard.

Rocky, who recently signed a deal with Polo Grounds Music/RCA/Sony, kind of flip-flops between “I fucks with Odd Future” and “When I see them it’s on sight” sentiments in this video. I think what Rocky is trying to say here is that he enjoys their music and respects what they’re doing, but won’t let anyone get in the way of his career aspirations. Yes, I speak rapper. He also sort of, kind of implies that he’d be open to collab with them so hopefully that actually happens. ASAPOFWGKTA.

In other ASAP news, rumors are circulating about a possible incident that took place at Fader Fort this past weekend. Supposedly Rocky got upset over a stage issue and Hulked up on one of the Fader staff members at the show. Hopefully that’s not true. I’m a big fan of his and the music he’s put out so far and I’d hate to see anything slow down his career.

What do you guys think, is Rocky and his crew biting Odd Future’s Style? Are you digging the ASAP movement? Do cucumbers taste better pickled? Look out for ASAP Rocky on the Club Paradise Tour with Drake and Kendrick Lamar next month as well as his long-awaited mixtape (Nigga hurry up and drop that shit) LiveLoveA$AP. dropping whenever the hell he feels like it, I guess.