Arkansas Bo – Natural State Of Mind

February 23, 2012 No comments yet

I’m pretty open to music suggestions from wherever they may come from. Whether they come from friends, Twitter or music blogs, as long as the music is good I’ll listen to it. I pride myself on listening to everything at least once, so that I can give things the benefit of the doubt. So it’s only fitting that the other day I received an email from a friend with a link in it that told me to check out a song. I checked out the track a couple of days later, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

The artist in question goes by the name of Arkansas Bo, who hails from (You guessed it) Arkansas. I’m not familiar with too many artists hailing out of Arkansas besides S.L. Jones, but I haven’t checked for Jonesy since he and Pill left Killer Mike’s “Grind Time Rap Gang”. The track I first heard was called “The Dream,” which was a take on the concept of rapping in the style of other rappers. In his “dream” Arkansas Bo has legendary southern rappers tell him about the perils in the rap game and try to give him guidance so that he learns from their mistakes. He has a similar track on here where he raps using the style of east coast rappers, and it’s kinda scary how well he switches styles on those songs.

Even though he has Arkansas in his name and obviously has a lot of pride in where he’s from, Arkansas Bo is able to combine the lyricism known primarily from East Coast rappers not named ASAP Rocky with the down south sensibilities of most Texas rappers. On the album “Natural State of Mind”, his style most mirrors Z-Ro in that he combines rapping with an above average singing voice and you can truly feel the pain in his laments. I’m sure that Pimp C would be proud to have someone like Arkansas Bo keeping country rap tunes alive.

DOWNLOAD: Arkansas Bo – Natural State Of Mind