July 14, 2012 No comments yet

It’s no secret that I love Fang Island.  I don’t drop the l-bomb for many artists.  I’m just in a hangin’ n’ bangin’ relationship with most of them.  But not Fang Island.  That’s full-blown, pretending to care about their day at the office stuff.

And good news for people who share my same affinity, and uptuck my same raging tumescent engorgement—our favorite Brooklyn prog-rockers are releasing their second album, Major, on July 24!

Even better news—the group has kindly provided us with a three-track sampling of this musical wonderland to tide us over till our air guitars can shamelessly shred the summer away.

This sampler gets down to business quickly with the riff-heavy “Sisterly”, also hinting at considerably-more-evident (and welcomed) vocal presence in the evolution from their debut album.  “Seek It Out” forwards a more accentuated follow-along, though in my opinion is the weakest of the three sample tracks.  Finally, “Asunder”—in my opinion, the strongest sell on the sampler—closes the preview with a shred-heavy riff cycle and late-stage charge into contagiously frenetic head-bobbing territory.

Fang Island is too joyously catchy to pass up, and often refreshing proof that someone out there still knows how to use a guitar, or just good ol’fashioned rock the fuck out.  I’ll definitely be catching Major on its July 24 release date.  Until then, if you’re not familiar, check out the album sampler from Fang Island’s Bandcamp.