A Night At Hoodie Allen’s “Crew Cuts” Release Party in NYC

February 19, 2013 1 comment


MJF had the distinct pleasure of being present for our good friend Hoodie Allen‘s mixtape release party.The event was hosted at the always dope Griffin Nightclub (note: this is where Rihanna and Breezy allegedly had relations in a bathroom). The party itself was phenomonal. In attendance among the party-goers was rapper Prodigy from the iconic rap duo Mobb Deep, along with everyone’s favorite Corona swigging, laidback Cali rapper Shwayze.

The soiree also featured endless cocktails by LeSUTRA and a DJ set from Hoodie’s compatriot, DJ Fresh Direct. Sir Hoodie has not been sleeping much lately. In the past week or so, he dropped a video for “cake boy,” “FIFA,” and now his newest tape, Crew Cuts, which officially drops on 2/20. All of this on top of the fact that he’s launching a 30-city national tour starting March 5. Hoodie remained his usual Jovial self throughout the party, as the crowd got drunker and the music bumped louder.

We over here at MJF remember when he only had 500 followers on twitter and as he put it, “…used to be able to tweet whatever I wanted and now…well, I guess I still can, but a lot more people are going to see it!” At over 170 thousand current followers, the man built his own empire from the ground up and we’re glad to see it only get bigger and bigger.

Make sure to cop the new mixtape when it’s released tomorrow.


Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner // @AJR_photos